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wastewaterMost state licensing boards and professional associations with a certification or accreditation process require the professional to maintain and develop their professional skills through the use of continuing education courses. The owners of Training Professionals and B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc. has partnered with the leading distance learning educators to provide licensed professional water resource professionals with quality online, live webinars, and custom face-to-face training courses to meet continuing education requirements.  The training programs provide a foundation in water, wastewater, on-site water treatment,  water reuse, groundwater recharge, land application, and water resource management.  B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc. has been working on water resource management and water reuse for over 26 years.  There is a variety of courses available that meet the timely, individual, and multistate requirements as a ONE STOP Shop for the professional.  Courses are available via webinars, live feeds, or conventional self-paced courses.   Also,  B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc. has partnered with Wilkes University to provide custom field and face-to-face training courses. These courses focus on the applications of earth science, geology, hydrology, and soil science to topics related to land-based wastewater management, hydric soils, groundwater recharge, and storm water management.

Courses Recommendation – You may want to mix and match courses to develop a custom site-specific water management approach to deal with stormwater, groundwater recharge, irrigation, wastewater, runoff, third pipe, and more.  Real water reuse is NOT about thinking outside of the box, it about using a lot of boxes, such as a living swimming pool that acts to manage stormwater rather than a rain garden.  This is not simply a hybrid approach, but also a co-location concept.

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