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How Can I Get More Visitors to My Website?

By Jim O'Connell, Resource Media | Category: Website Development

You successfully started your business. You developed and launched your website. Now you need visitors, so how can you get more visitors to your site? Maybe the question should be: why would visitors want to come to your site? If you owned an empty warehouse, you wouldn't ask: “How can I get more people to come to my empty warehouse?” Instead, you would first begin by offering products and services people want. Then you would have a business. 

Valued Content

Your website should be no different. You need content. It starts with basic marketing questions. What services or products do you offer? What are the benefits to the customer? How do you differentiate yourself from your competition? What reasons can you give for them to return? Your sites' information should clearly communicate these messages. Your website is like a virtual storefront. So your site should state the mission of your business, its products and services, as well as contact information and hours of operation.

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